Writer’s block…

…or is it something else?

I’m sitting here staring at the screen wondering what to do. I’ve caught up on my e-mails – what a miracle. I’ve caught up on all of my facebook friends. I’ve read a number of blogs that looked interesting. Schoolwork is checked.

It’s Thursday evening. The children will be going to bed soon. My husband will expect me to come downstairs and enjoy a tv show or two and I will do that, but…my dilemma is this: there is no book to write, struggle over, edit, whatever.

My grandfather – born 1875

I’m in the process of researching for a historical set in my local town in the 1890’s. I’m meeting the historian this weekend, but there’s so much I don’t know about things in history. Yeah, they wore long dresses, and made most stuff from scratch. I’ve found out there weren’t phones or electricity. How did they keep things cold? Did everyone use kerosene in their lanterns? How did they school? Was there a school? How long did they go?

There are so many questions in my head and I’m enough of a perfectionist to HAVE to get it right. *sigh* I don’t even know where to find the information I need, besides the historian, who I’m sure will be tired of me by the time this is over. Can I just go to the library and say I want information about 1890’s Alabama?

Why am I writing this historical again?


1 thought on “Writer’s block…

  1. Oh, wish I could help! This is one reason why I don’t write historical, I have a hard enough time researching things in present day. It’s hard when the juices just stop – the best thing is to walk away for a few days, catch some shows, take a walk, listen to music, pray…ask God to remind you why you’re writing that historical again-He will:)

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