What’s My Purpose?

Friday, I posted my heart. My plan today was to lighten things up a bit.

Then I couldn’t think how to do that. I let myself fall into a depressed state because of the events of the last week or so…no exclusive to the Supreme Court’s ruling. But then I realized it’s just another way the devil has of hindering our voice. So I pulled myself up by my bootstraps (figuratively) and made the decision to move on. I’d made my voice heard to those who wanted to hear.

Now to this somewhat related post…

So what’s my purpose?

  • be the best servant of God I can, where I am right now
  • be the best wife to my husband as I can
  • be the best mom/teacher of my children, showing them how to love and not hate, even when others don’t agree with our philosophies
  • be the best writer I can be to the glory of God–that’s always been my goal
  • be the best friend I know how to be, which is woefully lacking at times because I’ve been a loner for a long time
  • do what I can to help others
  • pray without ceasing
  • follow God with my whole heart
  • be ready for my Savior’s return, having my lamp full and my wick trimmed (see Matt 25)

What’s your purpose? How has God equipped you to live in these days?


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