What Do You Worship?

As I write this, the Super Bowl has yet to be played. The commercials are eagerly awaited. We wonder about what kind of half-time show we’ll be exposed to and how much will be exposed during it.

Some are gathering with family and friends to cheer at and argue with the TV. Each team has its share of fans, waiting with bated breath to see if THEIR team will be the champs of Super Bowl XLIX.

But as I sit here, I wonder why we don’t get as excited about God. Is it because we take His works for granted? Do we no longer see the magnificence of who He is?

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We sing songs in church, but do we worship?

People, maybe even you, jump and clap and get excited about what eighteen men are doing on a 100-yard field for hours. And yet these same people, maybe even you, check their watches after fifteen minutes when in the house of God supposedly worshiping Him. If they even bother to go.

This shouldn’t be. We should LOVE to be in the presence of God. We should LOVE to worship and praise Him for all of the things He does for us every day. And this is not limited to singing in church. We should make a point of worshiping every day. Giving Him a small pittance of appreciation for what He does.

  • Did you wake up this morning?
  • Are you breathing?
  • Can you communicate, either through speech, written word, or any other form?
  • Did He bless you with a place to live?
  • A job (even if you hate it)?
  • Family (even if you hate them)?
  • Did you make it to work, church, home without getting injured in an accident today?
  • Did you survive an accident?

If you can say yes to even one of those questions, then you have a reason to praise Him.


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