Wednesday Worship & Weight loss Journey

Just like the above photograph, the whole picture of our lives is obscured from view. That’s been frustrating me lately. I want to see into the future, not a long way, but far enough so I know what to do NOW.

I didn’t write yesterday’s Wednesday Worship because I’m just running out of time. I need to schedule myself better, or drop a few things. This blog is low on the list at the moment, so if you don’t see me post according to my self-made schedule, it’s because I’ve gotten behind again.

Of course getting behind is a vicious cycle and hard to break. I’m supposed to be exercising now (weight-loss journey, right). I haven’t exercised in a week for various reasons, some of which are actually valid. I’m not even going to report on my weight; it’s a nightmare.

I know sodas(Coke and Dr. Pepper, mainly) are my weak point, and yet, I can’t seem to resist. Three days in a row this week I had one. It doesn’t sound so bad, but, for me, soda means added weight. I don’t know. Sometimes I think I only have to look at one and add a pound or two for every second of visual connection.

Well, time to move on to today and do the best I can TODAY.

What is your weak point? Is it chocolate or sodas or something else? Please tell me that you have one, so I don’t feel all alone in this fight with my flesh. 🙂

Blessings to you and yours,