Wait … What?

Did that get your attention?

I know y’all have been sitting on the edge of your seats for my next blog post <said tongue-in-cheek> and I’m going to give you this one, but then you’ll have another bit of a break.

First, WHY I haven’t posted. I do have one or two good reasons.

On Thursday, July 22, I took my daughter to the ER because of severe stomach/abdomen pain. Turns out she had appendicitis. They did an emergency appendectomy that same day, and we went home that evening. She seemed to be improving, but then started having lots of pain where her appendix used to be. We went back to the ER around 8pm on Monday night. It was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. And, as with lots of places these days, they were understaffed. We waited–her in the waiting room, me in my car–until 4am for her to get a room. In the meantime, she had been triaged, put on IV fluids, and returned to the waiting room, along with many other patients. The room was a short stop-gap as they already had a room upstairs waiting for her. She had a complication from the appendectomy and remained in the hospital for several more days. I’m not sure how many as they all ran together, but I think she was released on Saturday. Thankfully, she is fine now and fully recovered.

It took ME a week or more to recover from the all-nighter–I’m not sure I was ever very good at staying awake all night–and going to and from the hospital several times the week she was there. Not only was it draining me physically but emotionally. If you have kids, you know how hard it is to see them in pain.

In addition to all that, I have been struggling almost daily with headaches for some time. They’re not always severe/migraine level, though a few have been, but they are all annoying/irritating and make it hard to concentrate. They are finally dissipating to a point where I can function again.

What’s next?

Well, I’m going to take off the rest of August. I need some time to seek the Lord about my writing.

Do I keep going in the direction I’m heading now or is He calling me to something else? Be it writing or some other endeavor. I LOVE being a writer, but first I need to be an obedient daughter and seek my Father’s will. If my call remains–and I think it does, but I’m not taking a stand there–then I need to know WHERE He wants me. I need to know that where I’m going is His will and not my own. I need to know if writing just looks different than it did a few years ago or if, truly, I need to quit.

I’d appreciate your prayers as I seek His will in this matter.




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