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the act or power of sensing with the eyes; sight.

the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come tobe: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur.

an experience in which a personage, thing, or event appearsvividly or credibly to the mind, although not actually present,often under the influence of a divine or other agency: a heavenlymessenger appearing in a vision.  Compare hallucination  def 1 ).

something seen or otherwise perceived during such anexperience: The vision revealed its message.

a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation: visions of wealthand glory.
What do you see for your future? The news, I think, has given us all a pessimistic outlook on life. The doom…the gloom…the worst of our world in 30 minutes (minus commercials).
Today is the day for making resolutions or goals for the next 12 months. Preparing a vision statement for your life. I don’t really make resolutions because I know I’m not likely to follow through. But this year I have made two goals: lose weight (which will require I get off my backside and exercise), and take the plunge by sending out my writing to agents. 

That last one is a scary prospect. How many agents are going to send me a rejection before I find one who can believe in my writing. Or will I find one? 
What about you? What is your Vision for the next 12 months? Did you make resolutions or make a list of goals?


9 thoughts on “Vision

    1. That is a wonderful vision, Diana. It is almost always hard because as my pastor says…God speaks to us most often with a still, small voice instead of on gale force winds.

  1. My vision for 2013 includes finishing the novel I started last summer. I also plan a trip to my hometown of Brockport, New York (again for the third year in a row) to visit with my aunt and uncle who are approximately 90 years old. I am trusting God that these plans honor His will for me and my family this year. I’m sure He’ll let me know if they don’t fit His intentions for us!

  2. Hi Ginger!

    I haven’t set any goals for 2013. I’ll just continue to write, edit and see what God has in store for me. 🙂

    All the best with weight loss–you go girl! 😀

    Your stories are great and totally worthy of representation. I’m looking forward to hearing good news on that front and to one day being able to hold your books in my hands. All the best, and God bless!

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