The Problem With This Country

I love this nation. I think it’s the best in the world. With that said, below is a post I put on my personal Facebook page. I was going to leave it there, keep it private, so only my friends could see it, knowing it’s beyond controversial. I know this could cost me readers, and even possibly the chance of ever being published with a big name publisher. I accept those risks.

I just found out, via Facebook, that the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. That is what precipitated this post, but the uproar of the week about the Confederate flag and ongoing racial tensions have also been on my mind. So without further narration on my part, here’s my post.

If there were some place better to live, I think I’d move.

This country is dying–killing ourselves.

We have taken God out of schools at the expense of our children. Those children are now adults, who believe they have no god and can do as they please.

We have taken God out of government, which was founded for the freedom of religion, not because we wanted religion to be separate from the state, but because we wanted the state to have no say in religion.

I’m all for freedoms. If you want to fly a confederate flag, a hummingbird flag, or the stars and stripes, be my guest. If you want to have a relationship with someone outside of marriage(whether opposite gender or not), that is your choice. If you want to say nasty things, again, that is your choice. I don’t have to like it, though.

But what I find offensive is when I want to say that white, male children can’t get a scholarship because they are white and male, but their families are just as impoverished as their next door neighbor, who happens to be a minority–then I am being racist.

Or when I say that homosexuality is wrong. Had we been designed by GOD to live like that then we would have the ability to procreate. But then I’m accused of hating.

If I say it’s sin for you to have an abortion because it’s murder, while scientists look for minuscule signs of life on other planets to prove there’s life, but ignore the obvious signs inside a woman’s womb–then I’m accused of not being understanding or a right-wing extremist or whatever other things ProLifer’s are called these days.

I can’t say I’m not racist because there are some situations in life where, as a white woman, I have to make judgments about people–whether correct or not–based on their appearance, whether they’re white, black, asian, or latino.

I can’t say I don’t hate because I do. I hate sin. I hate that the people of our country have pushed God to the side–many of them so-called Christians–to live a lifestyle that does not line up with the Word of God. Whether that be in adultery, homosexuality, pornography or just lying and stealing at their workplace. We measure sin, but to God we have all fallen short and need the saving blood of Jesus. I need the saving blood of Jesus.

I don’t hate people and I honestly–to the depths of my being–try to treat all people…black, white, poor, rich, gay, or straight…with respect and love. I may not approve of their life choices, but I don’t have to live with those choices. I can share with them the love of Jesus, but ultimately, it is their choice.

We all have a choice. Right or wrong. Sin or not. We face it daily as temptations are put before us.

The problems in our country do not stem from racial tensions, homosexuality, guns, movies, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum. The problems in our country start in the heart of man. Without Jesus we are nothing, and it’s now starting to show in the rapid downfall of our nation.

My heart aches, literally. Tears fill my eyes when I ponder how God must feel when He looks down upon the people He created in His image and sees what we have become.



PS. I’ve chosen to moderate and delete all comments on this post for obvious reasons. I appreciate those of you who support me and my beliefs, but I do not want to risk having to censor someone who might not agree and might have some nasty things to say that I don’t want to read or be responsible for others reading, so I choose to censor everyone. Thank you.