The Letter “L” – Lightning

Sunset before the storm

I know, I know. A weird topic, right? But lately the storms here in Alabama have been both beautiful and destructive.

Yesterday I was on my way home from running errands and got caught in a storm. Several hundred yards in front of me a lightning bolt struck a telephone pole. A ball of light formed and then there were fireworks. It was amazing and frightening.


I looked up lightning at Wikipedia. It says that lightning can travel at speeds of 140,000 mph (220,000 km/h) and can be as hot as 54,000 degrees F (30,000 degrees C).

These pictures of cloud to cloud lightning were taken from the safety of my back patio last night. I’m getting better at my photography.  🙂 


5 thoughts on “The Letter “L” – Lightning

  1. Okay, first I’m thoroughly impressed with your photos! Love to take storm pics.

    Second, I’m just flat-out jealous! I live in a very dry, very brown North Texas. Nuf said.


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