The First Visitors by Lill Kohler

Today we welcome Lill Kohler to A Bed of Roses…Thorns Included.

Lill Kohler is a school nurse by day and a writer by night. In her free time she enjoys traveling the Texas Hill Country with her husband when they’re not busy remodeling the house. Lill has stories published in two anthologies: Heavenly Company, Entertaining Angels Unaware and Falling In Love With You. She enjoys writing about overlooked facts, or little known details, in relation to the Bible and Bible events on her blog. ( )

The First Visitors

Every culture has a group they look down on. When I was in Romania we were told to stay away from the gypsies. In Germany we were told that the area we lived in was looked down upon for their poor use of the language. It was no different in Israel back in the day. 

Shepherds while they played a vital role in the life of the nation were the victims of ridicule. They were basically told to stay out of town, partly because they smelled of sheep. But also because they were thought to be thieves and not trustworthy. According to A Visual Guide to Bible Events most Jews would not do business with a shepherd directly . . .hmmm, getting a sacrificial lamb must have been an interesting task.

And how curious, since Jesus is known as the great shepherd and the sacrificial lamb; the Messiah who came for everyone. I once heard a sermon that pointed out it was only natural that the Great Shepherd would call the earthly shepherds to come and see the baby Savior. I can only imagine how surprised and taken aback the town people were when the shepherds dared to enter the outskirts of town as they looked for the baby in a manger.

Think about it, there Mary was resting with her newborn son and the first recorded visitors to come were the last people on earth she expected to see. Yet, they came and paid their respects to the newborn king.

God uses whoever he chooses and this visit wasn’t the first time something like this happened. But it became more evident when Jesus was born that God calls people from all corners of life to come and worship him. First the shepherds and then the kings. He is open to receive all those who would want to bask in his forgiveness, his miracles, his love, his peace, or whatever he may offer them specifically. (Luke 2)

May each of us hear his call to come and see the newborn king, our savior. Let us be counted as one of the first visitors.

Thanks for this insight, Lill, and for joining us today.