I am super frustrated. For months I’ve been trying to lose weight.


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If anything, I am actually continuing to gain. I’ve been to the doctor and had a check-up. No discernible issues.

I have been exercising, eating less, lessening carbs, cutting out sodas, and a myriad of other things. Nothing is helping.

I’ll lose a few pounds one week and the next put those back on and a little more. It’s been this way for the last few years to the tune of almost fifty pounds.

I don’t know what else to do.

So there it is.



9 thoughts on “Super…frustrated

  1. Ginger,
    I am so NOT in your position. I try to gain weight and then it comes right off. Do you think we could strike a happy medium between us?

    I believe Diana is right in recommending muscle mass. If you have access to a fitness center, you can get training so as not to injure yourself in the process, but to build slowly. Otherwise try reading up on the process and doing the training yourself. I would think there are videos on it at YouTube. I have a weight bench and set of free weights, a barbell, and dumb bells that I’ve used for training for almost 30 years. I also use Bodylastics, which is really more fun and quite inexpensive compared with free weights. Building body mass takes time, though, so it won’t be a quick fix. At this point you’d probably be very satisfied with four weeks straight where you didn’t gain, but maybe even managed to lose a pound or two and keep it off. I wish you success in turning the problem around, and I’ll take it to prayer.

  2. Hugs, Ginger. I don’t have answers, only sympathy and a true knowledge of what you’re going through. I work extremely hard to get 5-8 pounds off, then plateau (or worse) for a year, while doing everything the same and kicking up exercise. I HAVE managed to keep 15 pounds off for the last year, but I feel like I am wrestling a greased pig–it could get away at any second. And I still have 25 or more to go. Frustrating.

  3. The best way to lose weight is to not eat wheat, or any sugar at all. And never eat between meals and after 8p.m. Eat brown rice, brown rice pasta and corn pasta to substitute for wheat pasta. Walking is a good exercise – daily. Hoping this helps. 🙂 Smile-

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