September BUJO + RLT

Let’s start with today’s Real Life Tip: Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should have done yesterday.

Practically speaking, this is what I did, and that is why today’s post is LATE. :/

It’s also going to be short. Here are all my pictures:

I’m not completely happy with my cover picture. Too late to do anything about it though. I used watercolors to start with, thus the crinkling on the once side of the calendar layout. Then, because I wasn’t happy with the colors, I used markers. The subsequent layouts were only markers. I may go back at some point and add zentangles to them like I did the cover page, but I might not. It really depends on my mood.

I do like the sunflowers (that’s what those blobs are supposed to be, btw) on the calendar spread. I forgot to create my Books Read/ Words Written page BEFORE creating my first weekly layout, so … LOL

And that’s all folks.

What do you think of my sunflowers? Do you do a bullet journal? Or have some other type of calendar system?

I don’t do this often, but would you lift up your prayers for a family friend? Their son, and friend of my sons, had an accident Monday night. He was on his motorized skateboard and somehow he landed in a ditch with a skull fracture. No one is sure what happened, only that he was found unconscious. He floats in and out of consciousness, but knows his name and the year during the times he is lucid. I don’t want to release his name in the forum, so we’ll call him “I” (eye). He’s nineteen or twenty. Pray for healing for him and for peace for his family. Thanks.



2 thoughts on “September BUJO + RLT

  1. Absolutely praying right now!!
    Sunflowers are my rotating kitchen decor for fall. We just aren’t there yet here. Today was 92F!

    1. I hear you on the temps, but I’m wishing. 😀

      We’re in the mid to upper 80’s but humidity is also in the mid to upper 80s. 🙁 Not pleasant.

      I am SO ready to have cooler temps, so I can open my windows and smell fresh air that doesn’t choke me with heat and humidity.

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