Sand vs. the Rock

Sand vs. the Rock
What would you rather rely on?

I was reading in Matthew 7 this morning and came to the well-known verses about building your house on the rock. The children’s song “The Wise Man Built His House upon the Rock” came to mind. The thing that struck me again this morning is that the storm hit the wise man’s house as well as the foolish man’s house.

F-5 tornado that devastated Alabama, April 2011
(from my bedroom window)

Storms are going to come, no matter who you are. Your particular storm may not look like mine. However, as long as we build a strong foundation on the Rock (Jesus), we can withstand anything. Life can throw stuff, sometimes awful stuff, our way, but when we keep our eyes on Jesus (and not on the waves, like Peter) we can stay afloat.



2 thoughts on “Sand vs. the Rock

  1. That’s a frightening picture. I’ve never been through a tornado, but my husband remembers the one that came through Grand Rapids, Michigan in approx. 1966 ruining his car and two boats. He still talks about it, so the impression lasts for as long as a person’s memory is healthy, evidently. We put our faith in the Rock, Jesus Christ. He’s saved Fred from more disasters than that tornado. I live a less dangerous life and simply trust in the shield bought and paid for by the blood of Christ on the cross. Blessings! Donna Winters

    1. It was a frightening time, but we came out of it wiser. We were praying the bad weather away, for sure, and at the time I didn’t realize it was a tornado. We “just happened” to get the picture. I would have been freaking out more otherwise. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

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