Review: “The Irish Healer” by Nancy Herriman

There are some things that certain people are called to do, and no matter how far that person runs the calling follows.

“The Irish Healer” took me to 1830’s England. I enjoyed seeing what it must have been like to step off a ship and onto English soil for the first time, alone. Ms. Herriman’s writing pulled me into the story, and I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end with Rachel Dunne’s plight, both from her internal need to heal, and from her desire to make it on her own.

This beautiful love story touched my heart and I highly recommend it to any who enjoy reading historical romance.


In 1832, Rachel Dunne is an Irish healer accused of the death of a child under her care. Acquitted but shunned, she flees to England searching for a new life. She vows to never sit at another bedside again…or trust in a God who abandoned her when she needed Him most.
London physician James Edmunds is wearied by his failures, especially his inability to save his wife, who died from childbed fever. He has decided to abandon his practice and lose himself in the running of his family’s small country estate. Until a red-haired Irish servant girl with a deep and mysterious strength makes him think about living again.
When cholera sweeps through London, and the life of James’ young daughter hangs in the balance, Rachel and James must face their darkest fears. And learn that faith—and love—just might heal both their hearts.

 This book releases April 3rd. If you would like to preorder, click here.