Review: “Sisters of the Quilt” – Cindy Woodsmall

I love series books, but only when I can read them all together. “Sisters of the Quilt” by Cindy Woodsmall is the best of both-the complete trilogy in one book. Though I’ve read the complete series before, I enjoyed it just as well this time AND I didn’t have to search for the next book.

“When the Heart Cries”
Rejection. The sad thing is these unfortunate circumstances happen every day in our world. A tragedy strikes and the people we love the most don’t know how to deal with it and turn away. Nevertheless, God prevails, even when don’t see or understand how he’s working.

“When the Morning Comes”
Hope. A member leaves because of things said and not said, actions and inactions. The community realizes their wrong, but are helpless to correct it. Nevertheless, God prevails, and brings hope to the community and to the one who was rejected.

“When the Soul Mends”
Redemption. Hearts, and souls reunited. Wrongs forgiven. Love reignited.

It’s the story of our Lord. He was rejected by the people. His death and resurrection brought hope and redemption.

Thank you Cindy Woodsmall for forcing me to see past the obvious, and into the heart of the matter.

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