Review: Rising Darkness by Nancy Mehl

About the book:

Romantic Suspense to Keep Readers Guessing Until the Last Page

Sophie Wittenbauer left her strict Mennonite hometown under a cloud of shame and regret. After a rough childhood, her teenage poor choices harmed others, leaving her with no choice but to change her life. Her entry-level writing job at a newspaper puts her in the right place at the right time to overhear office gossip about a prisoner who has information on a decades-old unsolved crime. While the other reporters write off the tip as the ravings of an angry criminal, Sophie can’t ignore it because she knows the name of this prisoner from her old life.

Upon learning from the man that one of the other suspects is hiding out in the Missouri town of Sanctuary, she takes on a false identity to investigate and meets the young pastor of a local church–the very man she’d loved as a troubled teenager. As she gets closer to finding the suspect, will the truth of her own past come out before she discovers the identity of the criminal–or the very person she’s seeking puts a fatal stop to her investigation?

My Review:

I’ve read Nancy Mehl’s books before and loved them. This one, however, didn’t pull me in like I expected.

I hate to give three roses to books based on my opinion because everyone has different tastes, but unfortunately that is all I can offer on this one. It took too long for me to grow interested in Sophie’s story, and while the writing was excellent, the ending was a bit too abrupt for me.

My Rating:

3 roses out of 5

***I received this book in exchange for an honest review.***