Review: Double Jeopardy by Donna Schlachter

Mining, murder—and a mock marriage?

New York City socialite Becky Campbell inherited more than a speck of her father’s wanderlust. Now his murder bequeaths her a mystery, a ramshackle homestead, and a silver mine.

Zeke Graumann signs on as Becky’s foreman to keep his portion of his family’s ranch. He shares the workers’ reservations about a woman boss, especially one who burns water and prances around in dungarees. Even though she did look awful good in the dungarees.

Then a series of accidents add threat to tension. Can Becky trust Zeke, find her father’s killer, and turn her mine into a profitable venture? Will Zeke be forced to give up his ranching dream to win Becky’s heart?

Review: One day. That’s how long it took me to read this book. I haven’t read a book in a day in a LONG time. Most just haven’t been able to keep my attention. But Ms. Schlachter did an excellent job arresting and holding my focus. I loved Becky and Zeke’s story. Their angst, reactions, and dialogue seemed realistic to me, and I definitely enjoyed the banter between Becky and Zeke.

*I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of review. The above is my honest opinion.

Rating: 5 roses