Review: Deliverance and Redeemer by Katie Clark

Hana is Greater. It’s a future she never envisioned for herself, but she’s not about to ignore the opportunity she’s been given–the opportunity to find answers about her Mom, Jamie, and Fischer. This could be an opportunity to tell others the truth about God and uncover the secrets the Great Supreme has been keeping from their small, struggling nation.

When Hana’s search brings her to the mysterious prison she’s only heard of in rumors, the desire to get inside drives her to dig deeper for answers, but what she uncovers may be bigger than them all.

Can she save herself and the others before the Great Supreme realizes what she’s doing, or will she give up everyone she loves in her quest for the truth?

Review: The second book in the Enslaved series, Deliverance leads us on a merry chase through the streets of Greater City. Hana learns a lot, especially how to trust God. It took me no time at all to finish this story as it is enticing and enthralling enough to keep the most die-hard dystopian lover interested. I enjoyed every moment of Hana’s experience, though I normally stick to the romance genre.

Rating: 5 roses


In this final chapter of the Enslaved series, Hana is faced not only with a new life, but an entirely new way of thinking. Unexpected friends give insight into who the Greaters truly are. Deciding what to do with this information sends Hana on what may be her very last journey. Ever.

Review: Book 3 in the Enslaved series, Redeemer, concludes Hana’s story. She encounters scores of danger, has to make hard, life-or-death decisions, and has to like herself when it’s all said and done.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. Katie’s writing pulled me in and made me care about the characters, not only in this book but throughout the series. I highly recommend all three books. These are not stand-alone books. Start with book one. You won’t regret it.

Rating: 5 roses

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