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So much on my mind.


Today would have been my momma’s 92nd birthday. We weren’t close, but there are still days I wish I could call and and just chat. I’d like to ask more questions about my grandparents–I never met them–and other relatives.
It’s also been five years (minus one day) since my brain surgery. My annual MRI was Monday. I haven’t heard back from the dr to see if I still have a brain. 😀
I met with a friend for lunch yesterday. She is such a blessing to me. Teresa, thank you for your friendship.
It’s fall, y’all. I’ve been waiting. Spring and fall are tied for my favorite season. I’d be happy if I could have this weather all year round. It actually feels a little fall-like outside. I opened the windows today. The breeze and cooler weather are a breath of fresh air *pun intended.

I miss my kids, well, most of them. Three of them still live here, so I see them pretty regularly. They all have their own responsibilities–jobs, girlfriends/wives, etc–to take care of now though.
I miss the moments when we all sat in the living room discussing a Bible passage or a story we read.
I miss the one-on-one time with them, even if we didn’t discuss anything important or life-changing.
I miss the hugs (and I’m not a hugger).
I’m thankful, so very thankful, for the men and women they’ve grown to be. I’m sometimes disappointed in their choices, but I love them despite it. 
I wonder sometimes if God feels like that and then I know He does.
He misses me when I don’t make time to meet with Him. It doesn’t have to be important or life-changing just a short conversation/prayer where I tell Him how grateful I am and how much I love Him. He loves me, even if He’s disappointed in some of my choices.

I’m getting ready to do some paintings. On each one I have words to include:
*Pray first
*I have a choice
*Because God …
*Stand firm
I need one more, so it’s a set of five. If you have a suggestion, I’d welcome it. I’m not tied to the stand firm one, so I may choose two, if I like them better than mine. 
I’m working hard to get another book released in 2021. I’m pretty sure it will be the sequel to On Angel’s Wings and will release around Christmas. I haven’t discovered the title yet, but it will be Titus’ story. After that I hope to publish the sequel to Eyes of Pearl in early 2022. It will be titled Her Master’s Eyes. The third one in that series, The Eyes of Her Heart, is already written, so it should come out some time next year as well.

What’s going on with you? Are you glad it’s fall (or spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere)? How can I pray for you?


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  1. I totally understand. I lost my mom in 2006 and miss her everyday. She was my best friend. Lost my dad in 2011 and we weren’t really close but I was his caretaker for the years following mom’s death and we grew a lot closer. I miss him too. I have one son that I see about once a week. He doesn’t live far away but he works shift work so he comes when he can. Prayers that all goes well on your checkup.

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