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Praise report:

I’m writing again. 😀 My goal for NanoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) was 10k words. I’ve made it to 6k. I probably won’t make 10k, but I will have more written than I had on November 1. 🙂 I’m working on a new project–as if I don’t have enough in-progress works already. It’s book 2 in the I Am series (book one is Her First Love). This one is tentatively called The Prodigal Shepherd.


My youngest son leaves in January for the Air Force. My next youngest son gets married in May. We’re thinking of down-sizing our home. We haven’t fully decided yet. We love the house we live in, for the most part, but it’s big, as is the yard–~4500 sq ft and seven acres. We were blessed to find it when we moved in, as we needed the space with the size of our family. Come May, there’ll only be three of us, and our daughter is looking for a house already, so she’ll be moving when the market allows. We just don’t need this much space anymore, but it won’t be easy to sell either because of its size. We’re conflicted. Can you tell?

I finally finished the renovation of my dining chairs. I didn’t take pics of the original chairs, but they were rough. We bought them used from FB marketplace. They’d been in a country club. The bones were good, but they had a lot of dings. We sanded each chair — fourteen total — including in between that intricate detail on the back. My hubby did repairs where it was needed. I sprayed on a primer, brushed on the first coat of black, then sprayed the last coat of black. I also recovered the cushions with curtain material. 😀 They still need a protective coat. I had hoped to get away without doing it, but they are getting scratches already.

The chairs make my newly renovated dining room (see this post) look awesome. I have a mess in there right now or I’d post a finished pic. It doubles as my craft room. LOL

Random Ramblings:

I want to finish 2023 strong. What do you think of an advent calendar of sorts for you all. Every day in December, you get to open a post from me? They’ll all be short. I promise. I was thinking maybe a verse or two, a song, and a prayer. Please comment below if this is something you’d read or if I’d be wasting my time because December is already busy enough for you. 😀  I may do it anyway–for myself. That way you can open it, if you have a moment or delete it, if you don’t. It’s all good either way. I’ll never know. 😉

Okay, that’s it for today. I pray your Thanksgiving was blessed (if you’re in the US). Off I go to get my day started.



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