Ooops and Updates on Me

So much for posting every week. No excuses. I simply let the last two Wednesdays pass me by without posting. 🙁

It almost happened again today. 😀

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

  • My daughter is buying her first house, and we’re helping her navigate the ins and outs of home buying and getting appliances, etc. We’re also scrounging furniture from her siblings to help furnish her house. 😀
  • My kitchen refrigerator died–it was at least 18 yrs old (a Sub-zero that was here when we moved in 15 yrs ago). We have a second one, but it’s not in the kitchen, so getting stuff from it is an extra hassle. Still, I’m thankful for it, because otherwise, we’d be without a fridge for two weeks, which is the amount of time it takes to get one delivered. 😮 AND I got to order the fridge I wanted–a French door. Sadly, the other fridge was a built-in, so we have to adjust the spacing and stuff to fit the new fridge.
  • It’s almost the end of the school year, and my youngest has dawdled far too much, so I’m having to push, push, push to get him finished. And I’m SO ready for school to be over. ONE MORE YEAR!
  • And just today, we found termites in the house. Again. We had them last year, but we sprayed and they disappeared. Today has been a warm day after loads of rain, so we think maybe that is why. It’s not as bad this year as it was last year, so that’s good. AND we still had some of the poison from last year. Praying it’s enough.
  • I’ve been watching a video class on GIMP (a photo editing software). It’s 30 hours long. I’m learning a lot, but it is time consuming. I have to pause and rewind a lot to understand and find what he’s explaining.
  • I have a book ALMOST ready for publication, which is why I’m doing the above class. I want to make an outstanding, eye-catching cover. I have what I think are great ideas. 🙂 Hopefully, next week’s post will announce it’s release.
  • My hubby had out-patient surgery yesterday. Nothing major, and he’s recovering.

I’m sure that’s not all, but it’ll do. Dinner will be here soon. Chinese. I love me some Chinese food. My favorites are beef and broccoli, low mein, egg drop soup, and egg rolls. YUM!

If you like Chinese food, what’s your favorite? OR If not, what’s going on in your life?

As always, if you have a prayer need, I am SUPER happy to pray for you and yours.



6 thoughts on “Ooops and Updates on Me

  1. You are one busy person! Love the description of your French door refrigerator.

    1. Would you believe my favorite place to eat in North Pole, AK is actually a Chinese food place! There wasn’t much I didn’t try. I can’t name a fav.

      Homeschool…ugh…..but a good ugh. I’ve only graduated one, so three more to go. I’m loving Monarch. It has made school so much more manageable for me.

      1. I’m glad you found something that works for you to make homeschooling manageable. There is definitely a grace needed to do it. 🙂

  2. Busy times…..
    As for Chinese food tie between sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken and of course egg drop soup, and egg rolls.
    Hope your refrigerator arrives soon and you enjoy it.

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