One of those weeks!

Ever have one of those weeks? It seems like the whole week has gone by and not one day was productive, but it’s only Tuesday. That’s what I feel like today.

I wrote “the end” to my book set in the Middle East a couple weeks ago. I’m editing now – getting rid of those nasty “ly” words and “was, were, etc.” Sounds easy, right? It’s not. It’s frustrating.

Yesterday and today I woke up irritated. No particular reason. I slept fine, I think. I don’t remember having an issue. But as soon as I opened my eyes I just wanted to close them back and turn over and forget the rest of the world.

I know part of my problem is nutrition – physical and spiritual. Too much soda (for me, one can a day is too much), and not enough Word. Both of which I can do something about, but I choose not to for whatever reason. It’s not that I “want” to drink the soda; it’s that some days I “crave” it. It’s not that I don’t want to read the Word, but other things use my time and then it’s gone and I have to start another day.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has these sorts of issues. I’m not normally this pessimistic. It has to do with dealing with scheduling a new school year. It stresses me out, pure and simple. I’m this way every July. Maybe it has to do with the heat outside this time of year too. The kids cooped up inside with me. Whatever. I’ll be over it soon and will write more uplifting blogs about how great God is. (He still is, whether I write it or not, btw.)

As always – under HIS wings (even when I don’t feel like it),