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Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names.  ~Japanese Proverb

If I listed a few names of few people – George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson – you would know immediately about whom I spoke. Why? Because of their NAME. We associate THAT name with what that particular person accomplished. Some people even name their children after someone with a well-known name.

What about names like John Wilkes Booth or Benedict Arnold or Ted Bundy? What do you see when you hear those names? An assassin, a traitor, and a killer.

The Bible gives great importance to names, so much so that God changed people’s names as necessary. Abram and Sarai became Abraham and Sarah; Jacob was renamed Israel; Simon became Peter. There were many others. These are but a few examples. 

I know I sometimes find myself thinking someone with a certain name will be “like” someone else I know with that particular name. I go into the encounter prejudiced. I try to not do that since I figured out I was doing it, but that did have some relevance when I named my children. LOL

I’ll save you the list of their names and their meanings, but I was very careful what name I chose by its meaning. My first name means “pure” (my given name, not Ginger, which is just a nickname *smile*) and my middle name means “sheltered from the storm” (which I didn’t know until I just looked it up). Find out what your name means here.

So what about your name? What will it mean when you’ve gone? Will people associate your name with kindness and caring or with something else not so flattering?

Please share with us what your name means.


9 thoughts on ““N” – Names

  1. My first name means Pearl or Pearl of Great Price depending on the book you use.

    I didn’t know the meaning of my middle name, so thanks for including the link! It means Light.

  2. My first name means right or truth, and my middle name means greatest.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ll enjoy coming back to read the other comments!

  3. I have two names, and so does my husband, and it creates tremendous confusion. We both go by nicknames of our middle names. I suppose it will come in handy if we ever need to go into hiding…

    For the record, my first name means “listener” and my middle name means “victory of the people.”

    I tried to be very careful when choosing my children’s names. Still wondering why God led me to name oldest son “strong, firm” and “unyielding” … (STUBBORN!)

  4. We were very choosy about our kids’ names too–checking the meanings in several sources. Still glad we did! =]

    My name: Noble and God has been gracious

  5. I never ever saw my name spelled the way mine is before in a web search for names:)

    [ 2 syll. lau-ry, la-ury ] The girl name Laury is pronounced LAORiy †. Laury is of Latin origin and it is used largely in the English language. Laury is a familiar form of the Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish Laura.

    Laury is unusual as a baby girl name. It is not ranked within the top 1000. In 2010, within the family of girl names directly linked to Laury, Laura was the most popular.

    I was named after my doctor who delivered me, actually. Dr. Laury.

  6. My full first name (Marchelle) wasn’t listed (not a surprise), but, according to the site you linked to, Shelley means meadow on a ledge and my middle name (Dianne) means celestial hunter. Hmmm…so I guess I’m to go hunting along high heavenly cliffs? 😀 (I have read different meanings for my names on other sites.)

  7. My parents were also very careful to look at meanings when they picked our names. I am “Beloved” and my middle name is “There is none like the Lord”.

    I like to think that each of us have a soul name unique to us, and that is what is written in the Book of Life. When I stand before God and He calls my name, I’ll know it instantly because it will be the epitome of everything good about who I am and who He made me to be.

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