My Latest Release – Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge

A group of talented authors and I have been working since the beginning of the year to get this boxed set ready for publication. We had a few bumps in the road, but it’s finally out.

Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge was my first attempt at a novella, and a real learning experience. It’s hard to get the hang of not writing a story that’s 75,000 to 90,000 words, but instead to write something less than 30,000 words. But I managed, with a lot of help from my critique partners. (They read over my work and make sure everything makes sense and my grammar is correct.)

So without further ado…

Love in Mistletoe Springs, featuring Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge

My story:

She’s his boss and way out of his league, but that doesn’t keep Mitch Silverton away. At least, not for long. Can he break through Margaret Holberg’s walls to become more than just her employee?

The premise of all five novellas:

The Mistletoe Springs animal shelter loses their grant, endangering the lives of countless stray dogs, cats, even birds and turtles. The community attempts to save the shelter by running a Christmas in July fundraiser. Groups of volunteers scramble to get all the details together while managing their personal lives. For ten people, love gets in the way.

It is available in both the Kindle version here or the paperback version here.

I pray you’ll enjoy this Christmas in July story. I had fun writing it for sure. And just for you…here’s a mock-up of the town we created so all the authors would have a general idea of how the town was laid out.

Happy reading,

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PS. I’ll be posting more about Mr. Christmas and Miss Scrooge this Saturday, July 11th, over at