Music — My Ultimate De-stresser

I can admit that I am stressed.

I have another doctor’s appointment tomorrow to determine when I will have surgery to remove a portion of a mass on my pituitary gland. Tests will be run. I’ll either have radiation or more surgery as determined by the results.

The annual ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference is this week. I leave early Thursday. I’m not too concerned with the conference; I’m not pitching anything. I’m more concerned with the lights, noises, and smells that bring on a migraine under normal circumstances. With my increased sensitivity to light, it increases my concern that I won’t be able to enjoy the conference.

So what do I do?

I turn to music. Here are a few songs that have touched my heart lately. I hope you enjoy them.

Happy listening,

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6 thoughts on “Music — My Ultimate De-stresser

  1. Hi Ginger: God is building in you a powerful life message. Even the title of your page “Finding Faith When Your Bed of Roses Includes Thorns” says what you are all about.

    I am dealing with suicidal people online, struggling boys locked up at the Juvenile center here in Central Texas, and I am seeing how the battles I’m my life that I thought would never end have prepared me to minister to these hurting people.

    You will get through it all and God will make you stronger.

    1. God bless you , James, as minister to the depressed and struggling.

      My son and I just had this conversation last week–about our trials and sufferings giving us the tools we need to minister to others.

      I am not worried about being stronger (not physically, anyway). I never want to be so strong as to think I don’t need the Lord anymore. But I do understand what you mean. What I ask of God through this experience is for an increase in faith.

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