Miscellaneous ramblings about writing

I haven’t been posting much lately. My mind is tied up with editing a manuscript.

Someone might have said writing is easy, and I would say they might be right. However, the work that comes after writing and before actual publication is agonizing. Editing and polishing, and editing and polishing again, changing words, sentences and sometimes whole scenes or chapters–it all takes a tremendous amount of work, time, friends willing to help, and a thick skin because those friends have to tell you what’s wrong with what you’ve written.

I liken the process to an aspiring chef who has created a gourmet meal. His friends–also chefs, some aspiring, other accomplished–come to have a taste testing. They look at the plates and begin telling the chef what is wrong with the food arrangement. After taking a nibble of each course, they give suggestions on what flavors would make it work better, and which don’t work at all.

The chef spent the last week planning, and executing the meal and in less than an hour, his colleagues had criticized his work in an effort to prod him to greatness. In the end, he knows it will make him a better chef, but during the process of their judgment, he is devastated.

That’s what it’s like. Heartrending, yet encouraging.

I want to be a better writer and to have that happen I NEED people to tell me what’s not working. I don’t need fancy or false words because that’s not what’s going to make me better.

I have stories to tell for Jesus–stories of triumph of good over evil, love conquering hate, forgiveness and hope.

Why do I write?

  • Because I must. Even if my stories never go further than my hard-drive, they must be written.
  • For the Glory of God. If I could write and never have anyone know it was me, I would. I do not want accolades; I want to worship my king through my writing, always honoring Him above all.
  • Because it’s fun. I get to make up people, settings, events, and anything else I want. 
Do you write? What and why?

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  1. I share your heart, Ginger! And I have often quote Proverbs 27:17 when I read my crits: As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another:)

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