May Bujo and Real Life Tip and #Giveaway

It’s May, y’all. It’s hard to believe that 2022 is over a quarter gone.

I don’t know about y’all, but my May is BUSY!

  • finish homeschool co-op
  • Mother’s Day
  • graduation dinner at school
  • graduation practice
  • graduation
  • a weekend away for hubby and I to celebrate my retirement woohoo
  • a graduation/birthday/retirement (the grad has a b-day this month) party
  • Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference–I’m so excited … (I literally just sang that in my head, LOL).

All the graduation things are in ONE week. What was I thinking? Truthfully, I wanted to do the party at a different time, but a few members of my family couldn’t make it, so rescheduling was necessary. 🙂 #flexible

But June is gloriously empty except Father’s Day and two birthdays. haha

So without further ado, here’s this month’s bujo pics.

> Here we have the beginnings of my monthly cover page. I thought I’d show you my process. I know I mostly do, but it’d be even more boring if I didn’t. I think. Do y’all even care? Do you want to see my pencil drawings or just the final results? Let me know in the comments below.

<This is what happened next. Remember, I’m doing zentangles all year, so every month will have something. 🙂

>And here’s the final, colorful image. I wish I’d have done zentangles inside the shapes, besides just the letters. But what’s done is done. I also wish I’d have used colored pencils instead of markers. It’s just too busy for my liking this month.

This month’s verse is from Psalm 85, verse 8. “I listen carefully to what God the Lord is saying for He speaks peace to His faithful people.”

It’s not the best handwriting ever, but it’s mine. One day I might write pretty. 😀 I have aspirations, anyway. I even have calligraphy pens and books. I still struggle, mostly with time to practice. Maybe during TV shows in the evening. That’s a really good time. I’m always doing something while I watch shows with my hubby. I get bored otherwise.


And here is my monthly calendar. Again, too bright for me this month, but it is in keeping with my cover page. I think I’ll tone it down in June. At least this month I remembered to NOT put in my activities before taking a picture. As with my cover page, this was all done in pencil first.


And finally, here are my Words Written/Books Read page and my first weekly, which I wrote in before taking the picture. The white streaks are things in my plan that no one needs to know or even cares about. They’re not actually in my journal. This is the same weekly layout I’ve used for the last few months. I find I like it, and it works well for me. It’s taken me a long time to find one that works.

REAL LIFE TIP: Shop sales. I chose one of the grocery stores in my area and I have their flyer sent to my inbox. The store is generally the most expensive, but they do BOGO sales every week. I shop almost exclusively these products at their store. I will sometimes add in produce, if I don’t want to go to Walmart. But when they do BOGO, the price is lower than any other store in the area (or at least it used to be when I checked). It’s been a few years, but I’m pretty sure this is still true.

Also, garage sales and sometimes estate sales are great places to find deals. You have to sift through stuff, but my hubby recently bought me a cabinet for $80. Not cheap for a yard sale, but I liked it. As I was cleaning it, I realized the piece came from Pottery Barn. They didn’t have my exact cabinet, but similar looking items sold for nearly $1,000. I was shocked. AND PLEASED!

#GIVEAWAY — AND because this last week was Love Under Construction‘s book birthday, I am giving away an e-copy to ONE lucky commenter.

And I’d appreciate it if y’all actually said SOMETHING. It’s embarrassing to have a guest poster get no comments when she’s offered to give away a book. 🙁 I know I have at least SOME readers. You just happen to be a quiet bunch, but jump out of your comfort zones and give me a little feedback once in a while. Thanks.

AND, May the fourth be with you. (IFYKYK)



4 thoughts on “May Bujo and Real Life Tip and #Giveaway

  1. 1-May the 4th be with you as well!

    2- Retirement! Do you mean as a homeschool mom? Even if you don’t, I’ve never thought of it that way for me AND I’m running with it. I’m totally doing that. I’ve been at this job for 21 years! 4 more to go. I’m retiring at 25 years for sure!!!

    3-BOGO love. I shop the BOGO and then plan my meals. I think that is an awesome tip.

    1. Yes, I’m retiring as a homeschool mom. My youngest child is graduating this year. I’ve been doing it for 26 years, and I think I DESERVE to consider it my retirement. 🙂 I got paid in kisses, complaints, and lots of tears (on my part and theirs). :/
      Thanks for the support, Kendra.

  2. May will be busy for us as well.
    Mother’s Day; Mom’s birthday; Brother’s Birthday, and a wedding – all in one weekend…
    My oldest is graduating from High School YAY!
    And tons of deadlines at work – since May is a budget month – busy, busy

    I love sales too!

    1. You do have a busy May as well. I’m not sure if it’s good or extra stressful to have it all in one weekend. At least most of it will be over soon. 😀

      Thanks for your support, Natalya.

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