Life’s Unexpected Blessings

Can you believe it’s August 1st already? I can’t.

Thank you for allowing me the time to decide where I want to go with this blog.

I needed the time away to realize how much I enjoy sharing with you all. Even if you don’t always comment on the things I write, I know you’re out there, supporting not only me as a writer, but as a person.

When last I wrote, I thought God would like me to make this blog lean more toward teen girls. After a long talk with my daughters, I realized that I just don’t have the calling to do that. What I’m really after are their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers. The women who have a real chance of pouring into their lives.

Before I go any further, you should know I’m not a perfect mother. I’m an aunt, but barely know my niece and nephew (they live 12+hours away). And I’m not yet a grandmother (no rush).

But I have been a teen girl and I have teen girls. I have experienced a few things that I don’t want teen girls to deal with, or any teen for that matter.

I’ll share tidbits from my life — pieces of my testimony with the purpose of giving you insight into my thoughts when I was a teen and then on the other side as a mom. One day, I may feel led to post my entire testimony here, but for now, it will be a little at a time. It’s not a pretty life, though in reality I was tame compared to some.

I’m keeping the tagline “A Bed of Roses… Thorns Included” for both my writing and my blog with just a twist. Thus I’ve changed it to “Finding faith when your Bed of Roses includes thorns.” I wanted to make sure that GOD had a more prominent place. I couldn’t do what I do–wife, mother, or writer–without Him. It’s a declaration to everyone who comes here that they will hear about Him. I’m not ashamed. I want to proclaim His goodness to all who will listen. This blog is one way to do that. My books are another.

As for my writing… I plan to keep writing clean, wholesome, inspirational romances that focus on working through the hard things that life throws at couples who are struggling to do God’s will in today’s society. My audience will be the same mothers, aunts, and grandmothers my blogs will target, but my books will also be appropriate for the teen girls in their lives. I plan to publish both contemporary and historical in the future, so keep an eye on my books page for my newest releases.

To help me toward this end, if you find one of my blogs particularly helpful or insightful, I ask that you share it on whatever social media sites (listed below my signature) you prefer.

Again, thank you for your support. It means so much to me.


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