Life and Fiction Intersect by Sherry Kyle

Sherry Kyle author photoSherry Kyle is an award-winning author, and writes books for tween girls as well as novels for women, including Delivered with Love, The Heart Stone (Abingdon Press), and her newest title Watercolor Dreams (HopeSprings Books, October 2014), a historical romance set along the lush beaches of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Sherry lives in California with her husband and four children, loves to decorate her beach house, and enjoys taking walks by the ocean.

Life and Fiction Intersect

By Sherry Kyle

Growing up I kept moving west. I was born in Illinois, moved to Colorado in the 2nd grade, and ventured out to California to attend Biola University right after high school. Within the first couple of weeks I met my surfer husband and have lived in “the golden state” ever since. So writing California based novels seems like a natural fit.

My first book, Delivered with Love, is set in Capitola, California. The Heart Stone features West Cliff Drive, a two-mile wheel-chair accessible bike path along the Santa Cruz coast, and the perfect location to have a change of heart for one of my key characters who is missing a lower limb.

It may surprise my readers to find out that The Heart Stone, my second published novel wasn’t the second book I’d written. Tucked inside my computer was a historical romance waiting to be published. The setting? Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Carmel is a special place to my husband and I as we honeymooned there twenty-six years ago and have spent quite a few anniversaries there since. We stay at Cobblestone Inn, an English cottage-style Bed and Breakfast, and walk up and down Ocean Avenue to Carmel Beach. Here’s a short travel video to wet your appetite. Isn’t it beautiful? Every time I go to Carmel I see God’s handiwork— the beautiful blue ocean, white sandy beaches, gorgeous Monterey pine trees. Two nights at the Bed and Breakfast never seem enough. And the art galleries? Don’t get me started! (No, we’ve never purchased a painting, but still enjoy admiring the artists’ work.)

On one anniversary visit, my husband and I went inside the Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel. I found history books describing the community in the early 1900’s. Artists and novelists flocked to the beach town in 1910. In fact, they made up 60% of the community. During that year, the Bohemian culture started an outdoor theatre with David as their first production. I nearly dropped the book when I discovered opening night was July 9th, my anniversary date! It seemed like destiny for me to write Watercolor Dreams, a story about a watercolor artist who has six months to prove to her father she can make it as an artist, otherwise she has to return to San Francisco and marry her father’s business partner.

I love it when life and fiction intersect. Don’t you?

More about Watercolor Dreams:NEW Watercolor Dreams cover

He strolled into her painting . . . and into her heart.

It’s 1910 and Anna Lewis wants to become a premier watercolor artist of the lush beaches of Carmel, California. When a man strides down the beach and stops to face the ocean, Anna sketches him into her painting. Was it a mistake? Anna thinks so when he approaches and tells her he doesn’t have spare change for her work. Spare change indeed! She’d better keep her day job as nursemaid to two rambunctious boys. But what about her watercolor dreams?

The minute Charles Jordan walks away, he regrets criticizing the woman’s painting but like he told the artist, he’s just been jilted at the altar. His former bride-to-be is in love with his cousin. Will a secret from his past prevent Charles from ever loving again?

And will Anna have the hope she needs when tragedy strikes and she must rely on the one man who crushed her spirit.

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I had the privilege of reading Watercolor Dreams. Here’s my review:

Watercolor Dreams is a sweet story about a young lady, Anna, trying to find herself and her purpose in life, who happens to find love along the way. She hits a few bumps in the road, so to speak, but in the end, as all good romances should, she finds her happily ever after. I highly recommend this novel.

My Rating: 4 roses


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PS. I received the above novel from the publisher/novel in exchange for an honest review.


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