Lessons from Life – God, our Protector

Every once in a while, life will give you a lesson and as I was thinking about you all this morning and what I could post, I thought about our loss last week.

We lost a member of our family. My son’s teddy-bear hamster escaped, which he’s done a number of times in the past. This time however, we didn’t realize it until it was too late.

See, we have this other member of our family who enjoys the chase. And unfortunately, Teddy happened to be his prey. (BTW, this is the cat eating a steak bone. He thinks he’s part dog.)

Teddy had camped out behind my dryer. How he got there from upstairs is beyond me, but such is the way of rodents. 🙂 Peeta, the cat, found him back there. I found Teddy in Peeta’s mouth.

Where’s the lesson in this?

God wants to be our safe place, just as Teddy’s cage was his safe place. When we step outside of that protection, we open ourselves up to all sorts of danger. Teddy couldn’t see past the need to escape and be “free”. His freedom cost him his life. How many times do we want to escape our safe place and do something daring, or say to ourselves, “just this once” when confronted with temptation?

Teddy was okay the first few times he managed to gain his freedom. No big deal, right? And yet…

Think on that today.