As I was thinking about what to post, the word kinship popped into my head.

Kinship, as defined by, is
1. the state or fact of being of kin; family relationship.
2. relationship by nature, qualities, etc.; affinity.
1825–35; kin + -ship

I like the second definition. An affinity. That means I feel something for you because we like some of the same things.

I like to read Christian romance novels. A lot. I feel kinship to others who like to read the same.
I like to write and create Christian romance novels. A lot. 🙂 Again I feel a kinship to other writers (of romance or otherwise).
I have children. There is a kinship between mothers, no matter their ages.

With whom do you feel a kinship?



2 thoughts on “Kinship

  1. I love finding kindred spirits. Of course, Jesus is. But those on earth that you find kinship with are often very few. However, I believe as a writer, I do feel a kinship with others who pour their lives out alone on a page.

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