June Bujo and RLT + RL Happenings

Hey, y’all, I’m in the Blue Ridge Mountains as I type this for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. It’s beautiful up here.

This picture is from the top of the mountain at sunrise. As you can see, it’s a little overcast so we didn’t actually get to see the sun, but it’s a gorgeous view.

Because of resting from graduation and getting ready to travel here, I didn’t finish my BUJO stuff this month. 🙁 I will show  what I DO have done, and photographed, so y’all can see where I’m going this month. Check on this post next week, and I’ll have added the other pictures to the bottom of the post, if you’re interested.

Since it’s June *ALREADY!* I thought I’d do something beachy for my theme. And because I’m short on time, I’m not going to say much about it other than the inspiration came from My Inner Creative on Pinterest.

Pre outline


post outline and with the verse of the month

They’re kind of lumpy because my journal paper is not a good weight for watercolor.

My plan *which I started but didn’t photograph* is to make it a Dutch door, cutting along the right side of the shark and circle. The next page, the visible part, will have more sea creatures and coral.


Here’s your Real Life Tip: I heard this from a fellow conferee who was quoting her mother. I apologize, but I can’t remember who was speaking. She said, “If you’re praying, there’s no need to worry. If you’re worrying, you’re not praying.” And my favorite tidbit of advice, “God’s got this.” It doesn’t matter what THIS is, He has everything under control–even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Short and sweet today.

Love y’all,






Here are the promised pics of my BUJO. Next month, I’ll share about some of the supplies I use.

Previously viewed cover page with the Dutch door cut out and the next page visible. I should have turned my fish around. 🙁
Calendar page with an angel fish, a beta fish, and some coral.
Words written and book read page. I like these as they keep me accountable to myself. My fish turned out okay. 😉
A new page for me this month. An experiment.















I’m going to try a new weekly layout for June. We’ll see if I keep it or not. 🙂 I used markers to color the coral on this page. All others were done in watercolor. I got lazy and in a hurry. Inspiration for this spread is from Anja Home on Pinterest.

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  1. 1- I love those fun drawings. The animals look happy.
    2- AMEN. Every time I start to worry, I try to remind myself to pray instead.

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