J is for Jellybeans

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Jelly Beans

I know, it’s not the season for jelly beans, but I proclaim today to be my personal jelly bean day. Wish I had some.
According to http://www.candyfavorites.com/shop/jelly-bean-history.php the origin of the jelly bean is a mystery. It did, however, come to be an American treat in the early 20th century. The candy even has its own day…National Jelly Bean Day is April 22.
Jelly Belly’s, arguably the best jelly bean out there, started in 1976 with eight flavors: Very Cherry, Lemon, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Root Beer, Grape and Licorice. The company, formerly known as the Herman Goelitz Candy Co., had been making candy since the late 1800’s, so the intensely flavored jelly beans was a natural progression.

According to their site: http://www.jellybelly.com/about_jelly_belly/company_history.aspxJelly Belly makes “50 official flavors and a dizzying array of new flavors, special collections and wacky flavors” 
So, do I have you craving jelly beans? I sure am.


12 thoughts on “J is for Jellybeans

  1. I LOVE jelly beans! Especially Jelly Belly’s. And I like the “odd” flavored ones… Peach, buttered popcorn (don’t ask me why), toasted marshmallow, tutti fruity, etc. I’m sure there are others in there, but those just came to mind. I wonder if they make pumpkin pie flavored ones for Fall? Hmm… Good story! Now I’m craving jelly beans!! ;-]

  2. Hubby love jelly bellies. I’ve never been a huge fan, which makes them a perfect little gift for him–something I won’t be tempted to steal back!

    1. It’s so wonderful to find that perfect little gift that tells the one we love we’ve been thinking about him/her. That’s so special.

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