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J is for Jellybeans — 12 Comments

  1. I LOVE jelly beans! Especially Jelly Belly’s. And I like the “odd” flavored ones… Peach, buttered popcorn (don’t ask me why), toasted marshmallow, tutti fruity, etc. I’m sure there are others in there, but those just came to mind. I wonder if they make pumpkin pie flavored ones for Fall? Hmm… Good story! Now I’m craving jelly beans!! ;-]

  2. Hubby love jelly bellies. I’ve never been a huge fan, which makes them a perfect little gift for him–something I won’t be tempted to steal back!

    • It’s so wonderful to find that perfect little gift that tells the one we love we’ve been thinking about him/her. That’s so special.

  3. OH YES! I love jelly beans. White is my favorite normal bean. But then the jelly belly’s…well, those are scrumptious!