It’s Monday Again–Lots of Updates

And I’m late with this blog. AGAIN!

I’ve spent the morning trying to get organized with my upcoming blog appearances for Broken Valentine. I don’t want to forget to write one and send it to the appropriate person. 🙂

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I promise I will TRY harder to get better at doing these in advance so it’s not willy-nilly, me acting silly.

In the last week or so, I’ve scheduled a bunch of places to guest blog and for authors to come visit here for Writer Wednesday.

Here’s a list for Broken Valentine (some with giveaways):

I will make a new page on my website with these dates, so you can visit and share. I’d love to have your support.

I also have a release date for Second Choice… (drumroll, please) April 28, 2016 (if all goes well). I will be posting my blogging schedule for that as the date draws nearer. Stay tuned.

AND finally, I have decided to start a newsletter. The plan at the moment is for it to be quarterly. My first one will go out in April. There is a place to sign up in the side bar (—>) below my social media links. I will be doing special giveaways, exclusive short stories and novellas, and general updates through it that you won’t find here or anywhere else, so make sure to sign up.

I think that’s all for today.

Be blessed,