It’s been ages

I took a much needed break, and I can’t promise I will be back here again before July. o.o

See, we moved. Last Wednesday. It’s taken us this long to get our house ready to go on the market. And technically, mid-May was our goal.

We downsized from a large home on acreage to a smaller home on a postage stamp–my lingo for a standard neighborhood lot. Six acres to 0.25. And we got rid of 1500 sq ft of living space. But we’re empty nesters now and we don’t need a five-bedroom home anymore.

Also, my sixth child is getting married this weekend.

And my husband and I will be spending most of June on vacation.

So, needless to say, I’ve been busy.

Maybe next time I have a chance to write a post, it’ll be longer and include pics of something useful. 😀

That’s all for me for today. I’m exhausted.

Many blessings to you and prayers appreciated,


4 thoughts on “It’s been ages

  1. Holy Smokes! Busy only begins to describe all you have going on. Enjoy your summer.

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