In His Image by Cindy Loven

bio picA life long reader, it has always been my dream to write a book. It often seems surreal to realize this dream is materializing. I love to read and review books, and I love thinking of ideas for new stories. I greatly enjoy the fun of thinking up new ideas to write about.

Married for over 29 years to my husband, Dave, we are the parents to two sons, Jarrod who is 21 and John, who passed away in 2009 at age 14. Since his death, I have tried to help educate parents against the dangers of the “choking game.” I reside with my family in Arkansas, which is my home state.

 In His Image

by Cindy Loven

Image, we hear about this all the time. We need the right image. It is in our face daily with commercials, advertising, friends, family, bosses, etc. You name them and someone is trying to help us shape our image.

But the only person who really matters when it comes to image is yourself, and of course God. He created you in His image, and he made you wonderfully and beautifully.

In my book Dianna’s Wings, Dianna Dragonfly struggles with her image. She is sure that bigger, prettier wings will solve everything in her life. She is determined to change her wings until Trevor Turtle shows her she was created in God’s image, and He made her wings perfectly for her body.

We often struggle with our image. I know I have most of my life, but a life changing event changed a lot of my perspective. Six years ago my youngest son died playing the choking game, so now it is like I have two lives, the one before he died and the one after he died. But one thing that his death showed my family is life is too short doing and being what others expect from you. God has the plan, so follow it, and be happy with how He made you.

Does that mean that you don’t try to make yourself better? Of course not. We are always trying to eat healthy, exercise, and live good, but the important thing is we must love ourselves like He created us.

Dianna learned her lesson by having her eyes opened to her true beauty. I found my way a bit harder, but I did find it. I hope that each of you find your acceptance as you daily walk with God.  May God send a Trevor Turtle across your path to help you along this journey we call life.

More about Dianna’s Wings:Dianna's Wings Cover Front

Did you ever see a beautiful butterfly and wish you could soar on majestic wings? Dianna Dragonfly has. In fact she is convinced her life will be perfect if she only had butterfly wings. Trevor has to show Dianna that God creates us perfectly, each and every one of us. That we all have beauty within us.

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