Homeschooling VS Schooling at Home

I am a homeschooling mom. None of my seven children have ever attended school until reaching college (either via dual-enrollment or full-time). My youngest is a junior in high school. My oldest turns 29 this year. I have 20+ years of homeschooling “under my belt”. I have experience.

I have been (and still am) responsible for choosing curriculum, making a schedule (lesson plan), grading papers, and every other aspect of my child’s education. That is #homeschooling.

If your child normally goes to school and is home because of Covid, but the teacher is sending assignments, checking & grading their school work, and has made lesson plans and the books are provided by the school system, that is #schoolingathome.

These two things are not the same thing, and it bugs me just a bit when people say they’re homeschooling their kids, when really they are schooling at home.

They both require commitment, organization, and attention, but one has the complete responsibility for your child’s education on your shoulders; the other does not.

Will you have to do things differently? You bet.

Will you be more responsible for your child’s learning? Absolutely.

Will you learn to love or hate your own inadequacies? Without a doubt.

But when God called me to homeschool my children, He also gave me the grace to do it.

God has called you to make a greater interest/commitment into your child’s education. He will give you the grace you need to do it.

If you hate the way your child acts, make some changes. Don’t blame the teachers, school system, or anyone else. Your child’s actions are your responsibility (until they reach a certain age, of course).

I know I seem judgmental, and maybe I am a bit. I raised seven kids–well-rounded individuals. They are respectful, hard workers.

Was it hard? Yep.

Did I do it all right? No. I made plenty of mistakes, but I did a lot of praying and asking God to fill in whatever things I missed.

I am not my children’s friend (at least I wasn’t when they were young). At one point or another, all of my kids have called me mean or declared they hated me. They got over it. They are now thankful that I was “mean,” because my meanness taught them how to act properly, behave well, work hard, and grow into responsible adults.

I was not raising children. I was raising future adults.

Did I let them run and play? You betcha.

But I also made them do chores (age appropriate). The ones still living in my house still have chores, no matter their age. Maybe not as many, but there are fewer messes now too. 🙂

One thing I never said was Kids will be kids. That’s a cop-out. Kids will be kids, and they will keep being kids if you never train it out of them. I know a lot of 20+ year old KIDS. I find it sad.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Pro. 22:6, ESV This verse implies an if/then statement. IF you train up your child, THEN when he is old he will not depart from it.

But training takes a lot of work. It takes time, effort, frustration, patience … the list could go on. But the rewards are ever so sweet when you watch your child become a productive member of society.

Remember, God has not called you to do what He has not prepared you to do. You are ready. Whether you’ve decided to homeschool, or if you’re schooling at home, YOU’VE GOT THIS!