Have you ever…?

Today is Monday. It comes after Sunday every week, but for some reason it seems to catch me by surprise most weeks. Have you ever been surprised by the ACTUAL day of the week? It seems crazy, but it happens to me a lot.

I was supposed to post something today… a meme, music, mayhem… Well, maybe the mayhem will apply.

I have been working feverishly for the last few weeks to get a novella ready to publish this week. Edits, cover, all the front stuff, and all the back stuff.

What I found was that this book did not WANT to be a novella (<40,000 words). It wanted to slide over into a novel, albeit a short one. I wrangled it into submission. Barely.

Here’s the cover and the blurb:Broken Valentine cover

Being stood up on Valentine’s Day is not how Sarah Sawyer wanted the evening to go. It only gets worse when she discovers her boyfriend’s betrayal. Accepting a ride home from her attractive waiter goes against everything she’s been taught, but her choices are limited.

Michael Richmond can’t let his beautiful, yet heart-broken customer walk home, no matter how tired he is after working fourteen hour days all week.

It might be either the best decision of his life or the worst. Only time will tell if their broken hearts can become one, or if they will tear each other apart.

Broken Valentine is the second book in the Broken Holidays Series, but can be read as a stand-alone. Broken Holiday is book one. I will pop the link onto my books page as soon as it goes live. I’ll also post on FB, Twitter, and Google +, so keep an eye out.

In other news — mayhem, remember?

  • I’m working on the third book in this series already. It’s flowing through my brain as Broken Freedom (to be released in July).
  • Second Choice is with the publisher. No word on a release date.
  • The group blog I’m a part of, www.InspyRomance.com, will be having its bi-annual giveaway starting next week. You definitely want to hop on over and check out the giveaways.
  • I’ll be posting on two blogs in the next few weeks… I hope to add a few more to this list.
  • And something a bit more personal… My oldest son is moving out this week. A bittersweet moment, to be sure.

I think that’s all for now. I pray your day is BLESSED beyond measure, and remember, GOD LOVES YOU!

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    1. No, I don’t think so. I’ve only been planning/writing this book since the end of December. It was a FAST turn-around for me. I happened to jump on those when I saw them (somewhere). 🙂

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