Happenings on the Farm

I have this intense desire to write a blog, but as I sit here to write nothing amazing, or incredible occurs to me.

Instead I’ll write about things happening here at the farm.

*It’s clean-up time. This past weekend, my husband trimmed the grape vines and sprayed our fruit trees. I transplanted a few rogue crepe myrtle saplings, trimmed the crepe myrtle mom (tree from which the saplings came from), transplanted a trumpetvine (I hope), trimmed a butterfly bush, and pruned a lilac bush–with the help of my children.

*My husband has started his seedlings of broccoli, and probably some other stuff that I don’t know about.

*I’ve started incubating chicken eggs (from our hens) for a new batch of chicks. One of my hens has decided to make her own batch. Usually I steal her eggs, but I’ve decided that I’ll just leave her this year and see if she can successfully raise a brood of babies. They’re so cute when they’re brand new. The cute goes away real quick though.

*Nearly got kicked in the head by one of my mares today. When it finally dries up I’ve got some work to do to remind them who’s the boss.

*My husband and son will be taking a trip soon for my third son’s 16th birthday. He’s decided to go skiing–glad I don’t have to take him. The last son who took a trip came home with a broken arm. Pray with me that they’ll both come home without significant injury. 🙂

*Two and a half weeks ago I sent my completed manuscript (an inspirational Scottish Historical Romance) to an editor and an agent. It has been the longest few weeks of my LIFE, I think. Well, maybe not–those last few weeks before my due dates were pretty slow. LOL

*Next week–after my birthday, of course–I will be starting the Shred diet by Dr. Ian Smith. I plan to follow the guidelines closely and hope to lose a lot of weight.

Okay, so what has your February been like? What do the next few weeks look like for you? Are you as ready for Spring weather as I am?




2 thoughts on “Happenings on the Farm

  1. I enjoyed the peek into your farm. Our winter is clinging on still. Though the snow is melting, bit by bit, we could easily have another cold snap or a blizzard or two. Spring/summer/fall mean so much work outside that I’m finding myself still content with winter. 😛

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