Family – Something to Be Thankful for

This will be short post because… well, it’s the day before US Thanksgiving, and many of you have little time to read a long blog, and I already posted once this week.

Thanksgiving typically means family gets together and shares a meal, watches football, and generally catches up with each other.

I haven’t had a Thanksgiving Day meal with my parents or siblings in… well, over 20 years. To be honest, I don’t EVER remember a sit-down, let’s-enjoy-the-day meal.

But now, both of my parents are deceased as is one of my siblings. The remaining sibling hasn’t spoken to me in over ten years. His choice, not mine. He has my number. I text him several times a year (holidays — like tomorrow — and his birthday). He never responds. I choose not to have physical contact with him, but I pray for him often.

I have aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad’s side, but none of them have been “family” for thirty-five years, since my mom and dad separated. The aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom’s side have long since passed or are much older than I (my mom was the youngest or next to youngest child in her family– I can never remember — and I was born when she was forty.)

Of course, I have my husband and my children. They are my family. And God has become my Father. But sometimes you want a different connection. It’s hard.

If you still have that connection to your family, whether you like them all of the time or not, be thankful. They are the only family you’ll have — even with all of their idiosyncrasies, flaws, and craziness.

They are special. They are yours. Even if you live hours away, call or text. Tell them you love them. Wish them a Happy Thanksgiving. Be Jesus to them.

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings,









PS. I do not condone abuse. If your family is abusive in any way, you do NOT have a responsibility to spend time with them. You can, however, still be thankful. And you can pray for them. God knows and He hears.