E is for Excitement…

E is for Excitement
Two weeks from today at this time, I’ll be on a plane headed for Dallas, TX and ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference. I am so EXCITED. 
Although I woke up this morning and remembered the dream I had just had. SCARY! I walked into the main conference room, and it was empty except for three well-known (and highly-respected) writers–Colleen Coble, Ruth Axtell Morren, and Debby Giusti (good thing I checked that spelling, shew). They welcomed me to their table and I soaked up all the geniusness (nope, probably not a word, but there it is).
BTW, they weren’t the scary part. The scary part happens when I stand up with a backpack (remember it’s a dream, and I guess, in my mind, they are the teachers and I am still a young upstart student)…. Anyway, I realize that I forgot to print out all the information about my book that I needed to bring…no one-sheets, sample chapters, synopses (that looks so weird spelled that way). 
That’s when I woke up in a panic. I have so much to do, yet, to be ready. I was way more organized last year. I mean, really. I just designed and ordered my business cards on Monday. I still need to get my one-sheets printed. I don’t have a color printer, so have to out-source those. My sample chapters need a final look-through before printing, as does my synopsis. And I was looking at agent/editor preferences yesterday (yes, I know) and there’s something else that I can’t quite remember at the moment, but I remember I haven’t done it either. *Sigh* So there’s the scary part. 
BUT I know God has great plans for Everyone who gets to attend (and those who are unable to do so this year), me included. 
I’m still so EXCITED. And terrified. And EXCITED. And anxious (“do not be anxious about anything”…I’m praying, really, I am.) And EXCITED. Did I say I was EXCITED?
Thanks for reading with me, and I would appreciate your prayers.


5 thoughts on “E is for Excitement…

  1. Aw! Have a wonderful time! I wish I could go, but it’s just not in the budget this year. If you see any of my Inkwell Inspirations pals, say “hi” for me!

  2. I tried to reply individually, but blogger wouldn’t let me. *sigh*

    Niki – I will look forward to meeting you next year.

    Lucy – THAT is scary!

    Retha – Thanks for the encouragement.

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