Dinner time woes!

I hate dinner time. Not that I hate to eat, far from it. I just hate fixing dinner.

Since there are nine of us, there are plenty of opinions. There are very few meals that everyone likes. Pizza? Nope, even when I fix three different types. One child doesn’t “like” frozen pizza. Tacos? Nope, unless there are soft and hard shells. Spaghetti? Depends on the noodle used. I, personally, hate “spaghetti” noodles. My preference is angel hair. I have one that likes spirals and another that likes shells.

Tonight’s dinner was what I typically refer to as mush. Ground beef, cream of mushroom soup mixed with milk, whatever flavorings I feel like – typically garlic, but occasionally I’ll use balsamic vinegar or worcestershire sauce. All of that over rice, noodles or biscuits. Tonight the choice was between noodles and biscuits. In addition we had fresh sliced tomato (home-grown) , and cucumber spears (also home-grown).

Tomorrow is my husband’s night to cook, unless he’s working outside all day and then I take care of it. I am so glad he agreed to take over Saturdays. I have enough trouble coming up with meals M-F. Sunday afternoons is our main meal and it’s typically hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, or pizza. Sunday nights are fend for yourself.

Now lest you think I cater to my children, I don’t. If I fix a meal, they eat it. PERIOD. They get to choose ONE vegetable that they do not have to eat. They either choke down the others or go hungry. I don’t do PB&J substitutions either. At my table, you eat what’s served or not at all.

*Sigh* Another week gone. Five meals made. A new week starts in two days. “What’s for dinner?” will be asked two or three times each day. I ask it everyday.

Any and all suggestions for NORMAL food are appreciated. I am NOT a gourmet cook and do not eat the organs of ANY animal.

God bless you and your’s this holiday weekend. Be safe.



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  1. Hmm, what to consider normal. But my sister’s kids eat macaroni and cheese with everything. 🙂 OH and they love ham and chicken tenders. I don’t think they would ever say no to that. But you and the hubs may not want that. My sister gets lots of food ideas from kraftfoods.com (She has four kids to please besides her hubster).

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