Crazy Busy…Update on Me

Hey, ya’ll. I just realized I haven’t posted in some time. Life has been crazy busy lately.

This past weekend, my third son, his boy scout troop and our family went to a local preserve and built a bridge for his Eagle Scout project.

My older son’s truck has been on the fritz for several weeks and finally died this week. We had to do some finagling with schedules and vehicles until we could get a new one, which my husband had been looking into getting next spring. That time table got moved up a bit. 🙂

I’m also busily editing my manuscript, tentatively titled The Eyes of Her Heart, to send to an agent and editor. I’m waiting for the edits to come back on my contracted novel, One Choice.

Did I mention homeschooling is in full swing? 🙂

I hope to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging in the next few weeks. Just hold tight, things can’t STAY this busy.

Can they?



2 thoughts on “Crazy Busy…Update on Me

  1. Good busy is still busy. Make sure you take time to breathe. Praying you, my friend. All the writing and editing sure sounds exciting!!!

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