Conference Newby Nerves

At the end of September I will be attending my first ever ACFW Conference. This year it is being held in St. Louis, Missouri. I will be traveling alone from my home in Northern Alabama. Will I get lost? Be able to find parking? Hit traffic?

Driving there is not my only concern, however. My anxiety also comes from how I will act when I get there. How many times will I make a fool of myself (notice I didn’t say “if” but how many)? Will I be too nervous to talk or will I talk too much?  Will I just sit in a corner and watch from a distance, which tends to be how I cope with new situations? 

Then there are the ultimate writing questions: Will an editor like my book? Will my setting in a foreign country be a strike against me from the start(being that I am unpublished as well)? Is my book any good? Am I just fooling myself that my writing is interesting?

Those are the thoughts that flit through my head multiple times each day. There is still over six weeks until the conference. What will I do to relax? 

I pray and leave it at the throne of God. If He truly called me to write this book, which I feel He did, then He will guide me to the right person, at the right time. Though that is easier said than done, I will remind myself daily that God is on my side and that’s good enough.

As always, under HIS wings,


1 thought on “Conference Newby Nerves

  1. The answer is most like yes, you’ll get loss, yes you will hit traffic and yes, you will find parking. But … you will be like many others at the conference- scared to death! Perhaps you can latch on to another person who appears alone and lost! God will lead where He is ready for you to be. Have fun!

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