Book Review

I had the privilege of receiving three books (a trilogy) by Darlene Franklin recently. I must apologize to her for the tardiness in writing these reviews. Originally, I waited for “Knight Music” to be released, and then I just forgot.

I enjoyed each one and found amazing insights.

“Romanian Rhapsody”

Haunted by the orphans she met in Romania, Carrie Randolph returns to work in an orphanage. Soon she finds herself mothering five toddlers full-time and dreaming of adopting one of them when her two-year mission is finished. Steve Romero’s wife and son died in tragic circumstances in Romania, and he struggles to put the past behind him. When he decides to adopt a child, he returns to Romania and the orphanage where Carrie works – breaking her heart when he chooses Viktor, her favorite. Will Carrie trust God to fulfill her dreams in His time? Can Steve let go of grief and learn to love again?

This was an amazing book. I cried with Steve and Carrie, but I laughed with them as well. It breaks my heart to know that there are children in orphanages all over the world who don’t have people to love them.

It taught me that when bad things happen – death, disappointment, etc – it can be turned for the good by God. I don’t believe He causes the bad things to happen, but He can take them and make them what works for our best. He takes our weeping and turns it into joy.


Homeless and jobless, Michelle Morris visits her friend Carrie in Denver to find a new job. She quickly envies Carrie’s married life and wishes she could have a happily-ever-after of her own. What she doesn’t realize is her knight in shining armor is about to sweep her off her feet – and love is much more complicated than she imagined.

Joe Knight lives by a code of chivalry and honor. As he spends more time with Michelle, he wants to protect her, fight her battles for her. He wants to be her strong knight, but feels more like a bungling squire. Does he have what it takes to be the man Michelle needs?

As their picture-perfect romance starts to hit reality, can Michelle and Joe overcome life’s obstacles and find a love that truly ends in happily ever after?

From “Plainsong” I learned that sometimes we struggle to do what we think is the right thing when in reality it has taken us from the path God intended us to follow. We all traipse down “rabbit trails” once in a while, but we must always be willing to change directions when we realize we’re going the wrong way.

“Knight Music”

Following a scandal in the family business, Ty Knight finds himself in Ulysses, Colorado, trying to rebuild his own self-image – and how his family sees him. His convoluted plan for a glorious return begins to unravel, however, as he gets to know the people around him. What once seemed a harmless adventure becomes personal as he realizes the damage he caused.

Sonia Oliveira has come to Ulysses to regroup after most of her artwork was stolen from a friend’s art gallery. She needs to rebuild – her collection of art, as well as her confidence and emotional well-being.

Will and unexpected confession destroy the tenuous steps toward recovery she’s made? What can Ty do to curb the widening repercussions from his foolish plan? As danger draws closer, will either of them let go enough to let God work, or will they insist on going it alone?

I found this book to be refreshing. I struggled with Sonia when she couldn’t create, and felt like a failure. I also cheered for Ty as he admitted his sin. The message from this book was simple. No matter how bad our past, God will forgive us when we ask.

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Romanian Rhapsody
Knight Music – not yet available