Book review – A Summer In Oakville

A Summer in Oakville 
by Lisa J. Lickel and Shellie Neumeier
Hello, readers. I have a new book to recommend to you today. A Summer in Oakville is an interesting look into four people’s lives one summer. I enjoyed each person’s point of view and their stories. It was well-written and allowed me to take part in each person’s feelings and actions.

Unfortunately, I found it a little disconnected in one particular scene. It was not a big deal, just set my brain to thinking (which is not necessarily a bad thing). Since I know there were two writers in this work, I am surprised there was only one mistake obvious enough for me to catch. It is so awesome that they worked together to make this such a good book.

Despite my uncanny knack for ferreting out useless tidbits that are inconsistent, I found A Summer in Oakville an entertaining read. It will make you smile and, if you’re given to sympathizing with the characters as I am, you will cry. I think that’s what a good book does. It gets you to “feel” what the character feels and pulls you in to his or her life.

Here’s the blurb on the back cover:

One Magical Summer in Oakville, Wisconsin, Love Finds its Way through Four Entwined Lives.

Meet Tessa, Lindsay, Art and Andy.

Tessa Hasmer Murphy has a secret. Estranged from her husband, will she let a past love and a fight to save the family farm destroy her marriage and daughter Lindsay’s happiness?

Lindsay Murphy plans to live on her grandparents’ farm until she can find a job, but developer Brandon Calloway has other plans for the property. As she wages war against him, will she lose her heart and the farm both?

Widower Arthur Hasmer’s life and that of his son, Andy, spiral out of control. Then old friend, Dana London, reenters the picture with the power to help them all back to love, joy and faith.

Andy Hasmer has the ultimate bummer life. No mom, not much of a dad, no future. When he’s sent to the farm and wrecks the truck, nothing could be worse than the lousy job he takes to pay Grampa back—except maybe putting up with the pastor’s daughter, Ella.

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Thank you to Lisa Lickel for the preview copy of this book. I received no compensation for this review and it is my honest opinion.