Book/Author Recommendations

Y’all know I love to read. A lot.

Did you know I started writing because I had a dream? REALLY! I couldn’t shake the dream, so I started writing a story about it. And thus began my writing career/call to writing. That story has long been ditched/lost in computer crashes/clean-ups, and I don’t remember it super well, but it was the start of my career.

I like to help other authors. Sometimes that means they join me here and share about their books. Today, in lieu of that option, I am going to share about my favorite authors–most of whom you’ve seen me recommend before–and what I’m reading now.

Authors I would recommend without hesitation. There are many. More than I can ever list here. Most write romance in one form or another:

  • Kelly Irvin
  • Christy Barritt
  • Carol Moncado
  • Valerie Comer
  • Elizabeth Maddrey
  • Ronie Kendig
  • Nancy Mehl
  • Jen Turano
  • Narelle Atkins
  • Karen Witemeyer
  • Susan Sleeman
  • Elizabeth Camden
  • Mary Connealy
  • Lynette Eason
  • Ruth Logan Herne
  • Vanetta Chapman
  • Mary Ellis

And there are SO many more. I wish I could list, i.e. remember, them all. If you search my reviews (in the search bar on the right, type review, and so many will come up), you’ll see and read about some wonderful writers.

Current read list (not all at once, but in some form of progress):

Expand your horizons. Check out an author you haven’t read before. 🙂