Be Courageous

Dear friends, family, and acquaintances,
I have been going through a “thing” for several years. I have struggled to write, to be joyful, to find meaning in my life (partly due to an emptying nest and partly due to the inability to write).
Over the course of the last months (let’s not credit Covid, because I started this journey long before then), I have been searching for answers, new ways of moving forward, etc. Part of that is digging deeper in the Word.
This week, I was reading a plan on YouVersion entitled “A Life Without Fear.” The writer is focusing on Gideon’s story.
Here are two things I pulled from today’s devotion:
  • [God] works in the midst of unthinkable odds, showing His mighty hand.

  • Trusting God can be a scary thing because you have to give up control.

And from those came this (all me):

My fear of the blank page overwhelms me
I stare at the the thing that once brought me much joy and cringe.
My fear is self-fulfilling. I am scared words will not come and so they do not.
I stare at the thing that once brought me joy and weep.

For what I have lost because of my own fear
For the call that that fear keeps me from
For the stories waiting to be told
For the readers–the women in pain–who need hope.

For them I keep trying.
For the call, I do not give up.
For God’s glory, I WILL conquer the fear with faith in the One who called me …
… not only to write
but from the darkness into light
out of death into life
out of hate into love.

John 16:33b, “‘Be courageous! I have conquered the world.'”

Be blessed,


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