Author Interview with Mary L. Ball

Mary L. Ball is a multi-published Christian author. She resides in the heart of North Carolina.
When she isn’t working on her latest story, she enjoys fishing, reading, and ministering in song with her husband.
Readers can connect with her on her webpage, FaceBook or Twitter.

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Author Interview with Mary L. Ball

Tell us about your latest book

Sunny Kast spends her week fighting cyber-crime, and dreaming of her prince charming.

When a man walks into Celestial Investigations, and introduces himself as Trouble, she’s sure he’s not her prince, and positive that he lives up to his name.

After Max Trouble finds an important document his life gets complicated with the know-it-all P.I. hired to track down its owner.

Sunny and Max’s relationship grows. She’s optimistic that he may be her prince charming, but after her car is sabotaged, and she’s almost killed Max’s chauvinist ideas of a female investigator surface.

Will she see God’s perfect plan, or a not-so-perfect relationship?

“Sunny’s Dream,” Celestial Investigation, book one. A Christian romantic suspense based on three sisters. Their P.I. skills come in handy in the quaint town of Mercy, North Carolina, a place where romance and mystery unite.

What inspired you to write this story?

One day, I was driving home from an errand and glanced at the sky when the idea of three sisters whose names’ matched the heavens nudged me. The next thing I knew I was mapping out different scenarios for a series, Celestial Investigation. Sunny’s Dream is book one.

What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

The small towns I write about are based on real places, but the majority of my other research is done online. In the first book of Celestial Investigation, there was the occasional exploration into wills to find possibilities of things going wrong without a family’s knowledge. Sunny Kast, is the oldest of the sisters at twenty-six, but the last book that will be released in December 2018 is based on the baby in the family, Starr. She’s twenty-one. I had to find out the age requirements and different types of education needed for her to become an investor in North Carolina.

Luna’s Promise is book two, coming in June. For that one I needed to researched martial arts, guns and safety-classes. The amount of research I do is based on each book. Sometimes, it’s only a few minutes. Other scenes have required hours of searching to find answers for the character’s situation.

Can you give us the first page?

Sure. 🙂

Sunny’s Dream, Celestial Investigation #1

Chapter One

Sunny parked in front of Celestial Investigation. It doesn’t seem like it’s been two years since my sisters and I took over the firm. She stepped inside the reception area. “Good morning, Nellie.”

“You look rested.” The office assistant handed her a message. “This came for you.”

“Thanks.” She took the note.

“Starr called. She’s not coming in today.”

“She’s getting her license.” Sunny took off her jacket.

“That girl is more excited about taking this test than she was about her twenty first birthday yesterday.” Nellie nodded. “She also wanted a copy of the notarized letter your father sent stating that she worked with him since before graduation.”

“Yes, it’s one of North Carolina’s laws.” Sunny grinned. “I’m excited for her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be telling you things you already know.”

“I understand. I do recall your father mentioning requirements to become a P.I., if you haven’t worked in the police force.” Nellie patted her curly hair.

“I was just thinking how fast things change sometimes. Dad and Mom retired two years ago.”

“To the day,” Nellie took a quick look at the calendar. “You and your sisters’ are doing a wonderful job. I know your father is proud.”

Sunny headed to her desk and turned on the computer. She logged on, ready to continue her search into an alleged fraud at a local contracting business. Seconds later, the employee records for Barr Construction appeared. She read the report and twisted her lips. Her intuition peaked. The answer is here somewhere.

“You’ve got that cat and mouse look again.” Luna her middle sibling, approached the desk.

“Just playing a little hacking game.” Sunny gave a closed mouth grin. “Of course, Mr. Barr said it was okay. He doesn’t want any of his employees knowing that he’s suspicious.” She stopped keying in information. “I’m surprised you’re here. I figured you’d be tired from last night’s stake-out.”

“I am, kinda.” Luna’s words mingled with a yawn. “I’m waiting on Greg to call. He has an interview this morning, at Woodsy River.”

“Isn’t that the new outdoor sports store in town?” Sunny clicked her mouse.

“Yes.” Luna rubbed her eyes. “He’s sure retail is his best option. This could be the break he needs.”

“Perhaps,” She bit down on her tongue, determined not to upset Luna by highlighting the different job positions Greg had held in the past months. She glanced at Luna’s cross-shaped earnings dangling below her layered cut. “I’ve developed a new appreciation of your surveillance skills. I’ve done a little watching myself. It’s a challenge.”

Luna pointed at the computer. “Is it this case?”

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