April Ramblings + RLT

It’s ramblings week, but I’m not sure what to say. A wordy without words. 🙁

I’m going to start with this month’s RLT, and see what happens from there.

REAL LIFE TIP: Find someone who knows more than you about something you want to do and learn from them.

I recently pulled out a crochet pattern that I purchased several years ago (five to be exact). I’ve struggled with this pattern, because I couldn’t seem to get the counts correct. Each row increases by two stitches, and I was ALWAYS off by one or two. I just couldn’t figure it out. A few weeks ago, I started talking to another (much younger — like young enough to be my daughter, probably) lady who’s in a small group with me. She crochets, too. And somehow we started discussing this pattern. Y’all, she’s teaching me to count. LOL

I struggle with reading instructions and turning them into action–probably why I was so bad at math–so reading the pattern–other than the basics–was a challenge. I didn’t understand some of the verbiage. She’s shown me the error of my ways–and how to count. (Look at all those em dashes! :D)

Now, MAYBE, I can complete this cardigan that I SPENT MONEY ON to make. If I can ever finish it, it’ll be beautiful, assuming I do it properly.

Spring has sprung in Alabama. Or maybe it’s summer. We’ve basically gone from 40-50° days to 75-80° in a couple of days. There were a few 60’ish days sprinkled in for good measure, but those were the rainy days. 😮 Everything is coated in our typical yellow dust, aka pollen. As of this moment, my hubby is outside cutting the grass for the second or third time. He’s planted cucumbers and probably some other stuff and went to the co-op to get tomato and pepper plants. He tilled the ground to plant corn. We’ve also been getting asparagus for a few weeks.

I’d love to be able to say that I have a new book coming out soon, but I can’t. I continue to struggle with writing. I keep persevering, and one day–hopefully, in 2023–I’ll publish a new book. I promise to let you know if I get close. As it stands, I’m not even close to finishing any of the manuscripts I have in progress.

Easter was ten days ago. Our church does extra services to accommodate all the visitors. We have twenty-four locations throughout Alabama and Georgia. Between all those locations and the extra services, I believe our pastor said that we had over 97,000 people attend. Each year, we do a survey of attendees–no names, and it’s a multiple choice question. Here’s the modified version: A) I know Jesus and have a relationship with Him; B) I want to follow Him and have a relationship with Him; C) I’m still deciding if this is what I want; D) I’m not interested and I don’t plan to ever make a decision to follow Jesus. Obviously, the majority of the people in the services clicked A. However, over 12,000 people–twelve thousand–chose B. PRAISE GOD!!! A little over 1,000 chose C. And 102 people picked D. Those people are heavy on my heart, and I started praying for them the moment our pastor mentioned the number. Several of those who selected B this year were D’s last year. God is working.

Please don’t think I’m boasting about my church or my pastor. While they are great, my purpose in sharing this information is to encourage you to pray for the lost and to rejoice at the enormous amount of NEW Christians who are now going to be with Jesus when He returns. It is such a blessing. For us, it’s never about how many join our church, but about how many join THE CHURCH.

I’m going to have a busy summer, so if I miss a Wednesday here or there, please forgive me. I may only do every other week, depending on if BookWormMom is able to continue her wonderful recipe posts. Would you still hang around if I cut back for May-August?

We have three cruises planned between now and the end of the year, two of them this summer. We’ve gotten really good deals on them, and so because we can, we do. 🙂 The one I’m looking forward to most is a river cruise (on the Danube) from a town in Germany through Austria and ending in Hungary. We have friends in Germany who we’re going to visit first, so we’ll be gone for several weeks this summer. I get to see CASTLES! 😀

Okay, I think that’s enough words for today. I pray y’all have a blessed and restful week/month/summer. I’ll see you when I see you.




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  1. WHAT? Three cruises and I am not invited??? lol
    I’d love to go 🙂 love cruising!

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