Apologies and Update

I’m sorry I’ve been absent here lately.

I’ve been contemplating the futility of this blog. I have two regular followers who comment without fail, and I love them for it. However, I feel defeated and deflated. This blog is not what I would like it to be, but I don’t know what that would look like.

What is my niche?

Where do I go with this space?

What would interest you?

These are things I’ve been contemplating.

Also, we’re preparing our home to put it on the market. Now that most of our children have moved out, we no longer need the size home we have. It is taking all my effort to clean and paint walls, doors, and trim, plus decide what stays and what goes and box it all either for storage or donation. I do a little every day, but even that drains me — most times physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We’ve lived here almost eighteen years. There are a lot of memories. A lot of good times. A lot of tears cried. A lot of prayers prayed. A lot of hair pulling, screaming, rearranging, teaching. LIFE. A lot of LIFE was lived here.

Anyway, for those who read and don’t comment, boo. I could use your encouragement.

I know I haven’t written a book in a while. I’m sorry for that too. I have been trying. I hope to have something released this year. I just don’t know what yet or when.

This will be a hit or miss blog for a while. A lot of that is because I just don’t know what to put here anymore. 🙁

If you have ideas, comment below or send me a message via the contact form.



9 thoughts on “Apologies and Update

  1. I sent you a rather verbose email. 😉 My kids say I talk toooooo much.

    Know you are loved, we anxiously await when God brings you back to writing, and taking the next part of this life journey is a good thing.

    Rest and be blessed!

  2. Ginger, you asked your audience what interests us … but what interests YOU? Most of your followers might ask to see you write Content A, but if your heart is geared toward Content B, then that’s what God has put on your heart and Content B is what you should write about. You might lose some current followers, but you might gain a lot of new followers. I started my blog because I was told I “had” to, as a pre-published author. So I did, but in starting it, I had already decided I wasn’t going to write what someone else told me to write; I was going to write what God put on my heart–be it spiritual, or about writing, or about a piece of my life, or about the things I made around the house, etc. But even then, I’m a writer of novels, not blog posts, so when the creative juices are flowing for a new WIP, the blog gets pushed to the side. Many times, I feel I’m a 20th century author living in the 21st century. All I can do is what God has put on my heart; sometimes I do it well, sometimes not so well.

    It’s okay if you need to take a break. It’s okay if you shut down this blog and build a new one with a different angle … or, if you turn this current blog in a new direction. Man was not created to be connected to social media, but rather connected to God, to our families, to physical neighbors and local communities. We were created to create, in whatever area of talents God has gifted us, not agonize over how many faceless followers we have or how we can meet their needs with our content. I can’t meet their needs when I struggle to meet the needs of my loved ones. And I wasn’t made to. If others find value in what we’ve written, wonderful–I mean, we do hope they will, but that’s not why we write. We write because we can’t NOT write, regardless of who reads our words. And at the end of the day, we answer to One being, right? I only care what He says when I’m done on this earth, not what the social media influencers or publishing industry say. That’s honestly the only way I can stay sane and continue writing. 😋

    I pray the Lord guides you in this next phase of life, and may He show you direction for your writing, both online and in your fiction work. ❤️

  3. Ginger,

    I like your blog; it’s fun and insightful. Keep writing, and I will pray that God bless you with joy and peace.

  4. Pray for guidance 🙂 He’ll lead you in the right direction (according to his plan).
    I enjoy this blog (but you know that already 😉

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